Please book ahead, Minimum 10 People, No maximum

We do everything!


  •     2 Hour parties - $20.00 each
  •     2.5 Hour parties - $21.00 each
  •     3 Hour parties - $22.00 each

    Length of party depends on length of session selected.

What you get:-

  •     Birthday Invitations
  •     Admission
  •     Skate or Blade Hire
  •     Exclusive use of Party Table during session
  •     Table setup with chips, cheezels and popcorn
  •     300ml bottle soft drink each
  •     Jug of ice water on table
  •     Balloon tree
  •     Ice Cream cake  with candles
  •     Birthday diploma
  •     Birthday gift from the rink
  •     PA Announcement

Optional Extras:-

  •     Hot Food. Includes party pies, sausage rolls, cocktail frankfurts and hot chips - $5.00 per person

No food or drink to be brought in without prior arrangement!


Scooters and
Parties for
Boys and Girls
1st & 3rd Friday night
session per month only